Number to Text App Redesign

A concept for a redesign of the Number to Text app.

Alright, so I've got dyscalculia, and this makes pronouncing large numbers pretty much impossible for me... Thanks to technology though, there's an app that can help me out!
But from a design standpoint...
...oh dear...
CLOVERS?! Really?!
And the type isn't anything to write home about either... I decided to redesign the look of this (useful but ugly) app, and focus on functonality that would make it more usable for a dyscalculic.
So I came up with this.
My brain tends to smoosh numbers in close proximity together, and the wide tracking between them in my new app releaves this a little bit. The "reorder" button would theoretically allow the user to easily pick up and drag numbers around (since it's common for dyscalculics to enter numbers incorrectly).
I also made the language a little less cumbersome, and added commas into the text to make it read more naturally.
Basiclaly, everything I wish it would do!
If only I could code it... Oh well, this project was a nice way to kill a few hours!

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